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Plant and flower display hire for events and offices

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Fresh flowers

Artificial plants

Lechuza Cubico 22 with Phalaenopsis orchid


Office plants are usually tropical or semi-tropical plants that have been acclimatised for indoor use.   Many plants and flowers used in the office environment grow at the side of the street in their places of origin! With the lower natural light levels usually available indoors certain varieties are selected for their longevity.     

Planters or containers:

Indoor plant displays are planted in a  sealed waterproof container to avoid spillages on floors. Outdoor planters have suitable drainage .   Planters are made from materials including metal , AC (advanced compostie), GRP  (glass fibre), plastic and stone.    


Outdoor plants used in our displays are all fully hardy and will usually last for fifteen years or more.  The indoor and outdoor plants can be supplied in a large range of containers or planters and can also be planted in an insitu planter, waterproofed where necessary. Click the links to see a selection of indoor plants and outdoor displays.

Outdoor metal containers are made from external grade stainless steel.   GRP containers are available in any BS or RAL colours and many can have a logo etched on or attached with vinyl lettering.   Click the link to see a selection of plant containers available.

Office plant displays

Images of planters

Fresh flowers:

fresh flowers for offices

Artificial plants:

Artificial plants

Artificial rocks:

artificial rocks

Fresh flowers (cut flowers) in vases are available on a weekly basis for reception areas and meeting rooms. This is on a purchase only basis.   We can also supply flowers in Oasis or vases for events.   The flower arrangements can be colour co-ordinated with plant displays hired from us.    The modern architectural style in vases is very popular in offices at the moment.    Click the link for some of the floral displays available. Our wholesalers supply flowers from all around the world. The distances flowers travel are enormous. Examples are: Carnations and roses from Venezuela ( 5000m ) and Chile ( 7500m), protea, roses

and exotics from South Africa ( 6000m ) and orchids from Thailand ( 6000m ). Flowers are harvested in the cooler morning hours in order to give them a longer vase life. They are then cooled to less than 60F within an hour and stored at temperatures between freezing and 40F. Flower markets are often in the same location as fruit and vegetable markets. It is interesting to note that ethylene gas is produced by stored fruit and vegetables and this is detrimental to cut flowers, particularly carnations and delphiniums and so care is taken to store the fruit and flowers away from each other.

A large selection of plants and flowers are available in artificial materials. Sometimes referred to as silk flowers, most are made of polyester and plastic. There are roses available with artificial water droplets on the leaves! Large trees such as the Ficus benjamina have a real wooden stem and are available up to 15m tall.



The vast majority are suitable for indoor use only although there are weather resistant box ( buxus) shrubs in round and pyramid shapes, conifers, bay trees, Ivy and some grasses.   Click on the link to see just a few of the many artificial plants available.

Yes! Artificial rocks! These were originally made for the film industry and were used in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace.   Even close up they are almost impossible to distinguish from the real thing especially after dust and leaves have settled on them.

Lightweight and hollow, the rocks offer great advantages over real stones where there are access and weight restrictions.   They can also be used to disguise or hide unsightly equipment or similar installations.  Click here for images of artificial rocks.

Flowering plant displays:

Flowering plant displays are an economical alternative to fresh flowers.  They provide some of the beauty and colour of fresh cut flowers at a third of the cost.   Small desktop planters or containers in many of the  


shapes and colours shown can be selected to complement the larger plant displays in your office. Click the link to see a selection of flowering plants for offices.

Images of office flower displays

The top ten office plants

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